Boho Vintage Large Area Rug Tranquill

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With the Boho Vintage Large Area Rug Tranquill transport yourself to a tranquil world. Its soft, subdued blues and greys resemble the serenity of a beach at night, bringing that feeling into your house. This rug is handmade with the most excellent care and has cashmere’s unparalleled comfort and softness. Its calming style perfectly embodies the spirit of a peaceful night by the sea, making it the ideal accent piece for any space needing calm and relaxation. Accept the charm of the Cashmere Rug Tranquill and allow it to carry you away to a tranquil haven inside your own house.




40CM X 60CM, 60CM X 110CM, 80CM X 150CM, 120CM X 170CM, 160CM X 230CM, 200CM X 290CM




Soft & Smooth, No Shedding, Fade & Stain Resistant, Pets & Kids Friendly