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Buy Rugs Online in UK at Moonlight Bedding

Moonlight Bedding is the best place for you to find the right rugs you need for any area in your home. We have an inventory with thousands of unique rugs in stock. Whether you want large rugs, small rugs, Persian rugs, hand-knotted rugs, Modern rugs, outdoor rugs or indoor rugs, sitting room rugs, bedroom rugs, just name it. We will surely have numerous options for you to buy rugs online. Each one would be an impressive design.For a while now, we have been a part of the floor covering and rugs industry. Hence, we have sufficient experience and insights into the best quality of rugs. We have connections with global manufacturers and vendors who make it possible for us to get high-quality rugs delivered to you. Why not try something new with the convenience and guarantee we offer? Feel free to browse and contact us for more information before placing your order. There is a return policy we have so you may want to go through that.

Order Best Quality and Cheap Rugs Online

At Moonlight Bedding, we make it our priority to offer our customers the best in terms of quality rugs and value of money. If you have a low budget but the need for rugs to improve the ambiance of your house, then you are in the right place. Our rugs range from as low as £5 to £200. Of course, this also means that the rug size will vary with prices, as will the quality as well. Very high quality or branded rugs will surely cost more than £5. The lowest in cheap rugs online usually are handcrafted rugs. Feel free to explore the options we have by setting the filter to sort by lowest price to highest.

Buy Rugs Online in Different Sizes

We have numerous rugs in varying sizes listed on our website. Make sure you check the different types of rug designs we have for each different size.

Colour Variety in Rugs

To make it easier for you to find the type of rug you want, we have sorted them into different colours. We have colour like Beige and its variety, Black and its variety, Blue and its variety, Brown and its variety, Burgundy and its variety, Coffee colour, Cream, Dark Grey, Green, Grey, Orange and its variety, Pink, Purple, Red and its variety, Silver, Teal & Black, White, and Yellow

Understanding the Different Types of Rugs We Have

As mentioned earlier, we have Persian rugs, outdoor rugs, bedroom rugs, modern rugs, and handmade rugs. Let us explain each type briefly so that you can get some guidance on what you would want to choose for a new look in different areas of your home.

Bedroom Rugs

Thee are ideal for bedrooms. They can be of any size depending on the size of your bedroom. The rug must feel soft and comfortable to walk on. Moreover, the bedroom rugs design must complement the wall colours and curtains in your room. Some designs can make the bedroom have a feeling of clutter, while others can make the room look larger and inviting.

Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are quite famous, and usually a work of art. Some of these are handmade rugs and others are synthetic made with the latest technology. They usually come in rich colours and have very interesting designs. The material mostly used in the case of handmade rugs is natural wool, some silk, and the dye is mostly vegetable dye. They are probably the most beautiful variety of rugs you can buy rugs online.

Outdoor rugs

are as the name implies for use outside. Just like the indoor rugs, they come in varying sizes. You can choose the right size based on the area of the porch or patio where you want to use it. You can put it under the centre table in the seating area on your terrace or back yard. These rugs usually have designs that attract attention. They intend to create a personalized decor in your yard.

Modern rugs

These are the latest designs in rugs. They can have creative or abstract patterns that look very appealing. Unlike traditional rugs, modern rugs are more of a piece of art and different manufacturers bring something new in terms of design. When you buy rugs online on Moonlight Bedding, each one is unique. Feel free to explore.