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Buy Unique Styles and High-Quality Quilts Online in UK

In your bedroom, your bed is definitely the largest furniture. This makes it the most important item there and so, you need to make sure it always looks neat, inviting, and cosy. At Moonlight Bedding, we have a huge variety of duvet sets for you to buy at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for cheap quilt covers or luxury bedspreads, you can be sure that we will never compromise on the quality. It is our belief that quilt covers must be easy to afford for everyone because everyone deserves awesome beddings. This is why we have made it easier for everyone to find quilt covers online.

Great Quilts Sets with Unique Designs

Choose from our quilt covers and bedspreads today to give your room a makeover. Our designs vary in colours and patterns; moreover, we have quilt sizes ranging from the double bed size, king bed size, single bed, and super king bed size. You will find great and high-quality cheap quilts covers here. We display our vast collection of original designs, made by very creative and imaginative minds. We have something everyone at Moonlight Bedding. Made with pure cotton and handcrafted to ensure perfection and high quality, we offer you the best. Moreover, we continue to have an ever-changing selection of designs that contain bridge florals, timeless stripes, chic woodblock, and bold geometric prints. When you use our duvet sets, you will add subtle sophistication to your beddings, and enjoy the sumptuous texture.

What is a Quilt?

We have bed covers that comprise of numerous thin layers of cotton clothing. In most quilts, there are two layers of cloth and soft padding in between the two layers. The manufacturers of quilts then stitch the layers together across the entire cover. This stitching is the signature of quilts and can govern the quality of the quilt. You do not want a poor quality quilt that has bad stitching that tends to open at any time. In fact, when you pay close attention to the pattern and delicacy of the stitching, there will be unique designs in the edges of each style. The best way to use quilts is in combination with other sheet sets and cotton beddings - as duvet sets. These could be luxury quilted bedspreads or other variety of quilts covers.

Selecting Ideal Quilts Covers for Your Duvet Sets

We recommend that you choose the pattern that goes with your curtains and other furniture in the room. Alternatively, if you plan a completely new look at your room then feel free to try something new. The quilt covers must compliment your taste and personality. At the same time, the patterns must be appealing for you and your partner or roommate. You can use them over the duvets to add extra warmth to your bed. Because quilts are easy to change and they make it easier to remake the bed, you can swap them out anytime.
  • We have patchwork styles and most people fancy it. We make them with several pieces by coordinating different fabrics with varying designs. These designs allow you to play with different denser and beautiful patterns.
  • You can use reversible versions that give you a double design. The duvet sets we construction with two layers of padding means that you can flip to a real new look.
  • We have floral styles that are classic. The splashy flowery pattern looks amazing.
  • If you want a tonal look that is sophisticated and modern, then you can try our collection of luxury quilted bedspreads.
No matter what type of quilts you shop, you will the best quality of cheap quilts covers with us.

Use Matching Coverlets and Shams

To give you the option to choose the best duvet sets, we give you shams to style the bed with pillows. Whether you need king size quilts covers or for single beds, and double beds, you have come to the right place to shop for quilts covers online. Therefore, have fun and explore the different looks for your bedroom. Feel free to contact us for more information.