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Buy Blankets & Throws Online in UK

Blankets & Throws keep you warm and protect you from the harshest cold. However, there is more to blankets than just protection from cold. They can transform the look of your bed; make them comfortable, and inviting. They can make you have the best sleep when you need it. At Moonlight Bedding, we make sure that you get the perfect blanket for you. We have all kinds of Blankets & Throws, 2 Ply, double bed blankets, Sherpa, Weighted Blankets and Mink Blankets.

Blankets & Throws

Adding our blankets and throws to your bedding makes them look perfect. We have an awesome collection of Blankets & Throws made with cotton, wool, and alpaca. You will see that our collection of colours and designs are appealing and will compliment any decor. Some of our customers' favourites include those made with Egyptian cotton and designed in the Egyptian concept. We have bed blankets UK collections that have exclusive patterns. A cotton blanket marries beddings of plush texture to make them warm and very comfortable.

Mink Blankets

At Moonlight Bedding, you will get what you pay for. We have Mink Blankets made to perfection and that are lightweight. Our collection has a variety with some light and heavy. They come with zippered plastic bags so that you can pack them away after the season changes. These bags are sturdy and allow you to carry the blankets around safely. They are washable and easy to maintain, with low or no lint shedding. We can guarantee that the Mink Blankets we have are of great quality. They feel soft and are warm to the touch. When shopping to buy blankets online, we recommend these as luxurious looking blankets to match your taste and home decor.

2 Ply Blankets

For those who love the 2 Ply Blankets, we have made it easier to buy blankets online. You will find blankets with appealing and attractive designs. If you are fond of animal designs or floral designs, you will surely find something that matches your taste. These throws are easy to care for, and you can wash them in a machine with cold water. However, avoid direct hear because the fabric is usually microfiber and polyester to some extent. They feel silky to the touch and are very soft on the skin. You will love using the 2 Ply Blankets.

Sherpa Blankets

For those who want to buy blankets online that have dual designs on either side, we recommend the Sherpa Blankets. Our Sherepa bed blankets in UK are available in different designs, are comfortable, and offer ultra-warmth. They add a chic feeling to your bedroom and make the room look sophisticated. When you buy these blankets online, you can be sure to get value for money. The dual design gives you the option to have a new look in your bedroom whenever you flip the blanket's side. Order a blanket today and start having the cosiest bed ever.