Blackout Curtains

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Buy Best Blackout Curtains Online at Moonlight Bedding

The ideal sleeping environment with a darkroom needs the right kind of curtains – Blackout Curtains. These curtains block sunlight well enough to make you want to sleep and at the same time, they give you maximum privacy. An added advantage of having these readymade curtains is that they regulate the temperature in your room and make your life more energy-efficient.

Curtains are Not Drapes

Most people use the words drapes and curtains interchangeably, but they are two different things. Curtains are lighter coverings and curtains usually have a lining. However, there are different curtain types, and some barely keep the sunlight out. If you want to keep the room dark then thicker curtains with special fabric and colours to keep the sun out are what you need. At Moonlight Bedding, you will find numerous colours and only the best blackout curtain, varying in the material used to make them. Moreover, we have them in varying sizes. Depending on the size of your window and the curtain you choose, you may have to use two or three curtains, or even just one.

Different Sizes of Blackout Curtains Available

At Moonlight Bedding, we are specific about the curtain standard sizes we have in stock. Here is a list of options you can order. Whether you need pink blackout curtain, Eyelet blackout, Thermal curtain, Nursery blackout curtain, Jacquard curtains, or Velvet Curtains, we have them in all sizes. Before placing the order, make sure that you measure the size of your window or door.
  • 46" x 54"
  • 46" x 72"
  • 46"x72"
  • 66" x 54"
  • 66" x 72"
  • 66" x 84" (Door Curtains)
  • 66" x 90"
We have an assorted variety of colours of the best blackout curtains. These include:
  • Beige Blackout Curtain
  • Black Blackout Curtain
  • Blue Blackout Curtain
  • Brown Blackout Curtain
  • Cream Blackout Curtain
  • Gold Blackout Curtain
  • Grey Blackout Curtain
  • Pink Blackout Curtain
  • Red Blackout Curtain
  • Silver Blackout Curtain
Each one looks amazing and classy. They come in a variety of rings and pencil pleats. If you are looking for cheap blackout curtains, you will find them here.

Some Favourites Sunshine Blocker Curtains at Moonlight Bedding

We always have something you would like because we make sure we think about the different choices customers may have. Some most ordered recommendations in ready made blackout curtains we have for you include:
  1. Eyelet blackout
  2. Thermal curtain
  3. Nursery blackout curtain
  4. Jacquard curtains
  5. Velvet curtains
  6. Pencil Pleat Curtains
Among other most demanded best Sunshine Blocker Curtains include:
  • Pairs Of Gold Glitter Sparkle Blackout Eyelet Ring Top Curtains With Tie Backs
  • Shimmer Glitter Sparkle Thermal Blackout Bling Effect Eyelet Ring Top Curtains
  • Brown Blackout 3 Wave Technology Pair Curtains Ring Top 260 GSM with 2 FREE Curtains
  • Cream Blackout 3 Wave Technology Pair Curtains Ring Top 260 GSM with 2 FREE Curtains
  • Original Blackout Curtains In Black Colour To Keep Sunlight Away
  • High-Quality Ready Made Blackout Curtains Brown Colour with Tiebacks
  • Sunlight block Curtains Ready Made Buy Online New Arrival 2019

Washable and Long Lasting

Our commitment to you is value for money. Therefore, we can promise that the curtains will be washable and last long. Some would need dry cleaning instead of washing. It depends on the one you choose. No matter which blackout curtain you choose, it will make your home look amazing. Our collections add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your room. Order your curtains today.