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Get High Quality Bedspreads at Moonlight Bedding

Since 2014, Moonlight Bedding has been offering premium bedding solutions to its esteemed customers. We aim to bring comfort and warmth to millions of people in the form of the best bedspreads. It is our mission to make your dream home look amazing and feel more welcoming. To ensure this, we use the latest technology and innovative ideas in designing our bedspreads. When you shop with us to buy a bedspread online, you can be sure to find a variety of colours, sizes, and designs of bedspreads.

Buying the right bedspread size

It can be a difficult task to find the right coverlet size for your bed because the specifications of your mattress may not be an exact match to the beddings by most manufacturers. It is not unusual for people to buy a bedspread in UK and then find out that it is too small or too large for their bed. However, because we value the comfort and satisfaction of our customers, we design our bedspreads to avoid such inconveniences. We have bedspreads that work for the standard sizes of Super King, Queen, King, Double/Full bed size, and Single sized beds. We usually keep some allowance in the dimensions. If you buy our king size bedspreads rest assured that it would be a perfect match for the bed size.

Colours and Materials Used in Bedspreads

The Patchwork bedspreads and cotton bedspreads are the two most used materials in beddings. We also have some made of polyester and microfiber. At Moonlight Bedding UK, you can get a huge variety of both types of beddings. We understand that every customer has a unique taste, and the colours and designs must match your unique taste and home decor. When you shop for a coverlet here, you will find them in colours like shades of black, blue, burgundy, brown, gold, green, and grey. If you are particularly interested in buying a grey bedspread, then you will find a huge collection with unique designs waiting for you to choose.

Quilted Bedspreads

There is no doubt that quilt can be the softest and most cosy material used in all kinds of beddings. The quilted bedspreads, on one hand, are undeniably the best thing you can add to your bedroom. Our quilted bedspreads are made of 100% cotton, are of rustic styles, and never fail to add a vintage charm to your beddings. They have bright and fresh patterns; the fabric keeps you comfortable while you sleep on warm summer nights. When the weather turns cold simply spread a blanket over these lightweight coverlets and it will instantly make the bed invitingly cosy.

Cotton Bedspreads

Cotton bedspreads are probably the cosiest and luxurious items you can buy. Nothing makes the bed look and feel more stylish than a neatly tucked cotton bedspread, with pillows lined up. The best feature of these types of bedspreads is that they are lightweight, and even after numerous washes, they do not lose their inviting touch and appearance. At Moonlight Bedding, we offer bedspreads designed with high quality cotton fabrics, that are reliable, and have great artistry. Some even have embroidered and printed designs. If you are looking for something more traditional like Hobnail best cotton bedspreads, then you will find them here at affordable prices. They look elegant and they will install a feeling of nostalgia in your bedroom. During summer, the cotton fabric keeps your skin feeling cool and dry.

Washable and Durable Bedspreads

One quality of our bedspreads is that they are washable and durable. No matter how many times you wash them, they do not lose their softness and comfortable feeling. Moreover, the colours do not fade, and the fabric does not show signs of wear and tear until after several years. We can guarantee the high quality of our products because we have a reputation to maintain. This is why most people in Essex (U.K.) choose us to buy a bedspread online. We also offer timely home deliveries and had affordable prices. We value our customers, so feel free to tell us about a specific item you need if it is not in our inventory at the time, and we will make sure it is available for you within the shortest time possible.