From room-to-room and season-to-season, we will elevate your entire home with our signature bed linen, homewares, living, bathroom and dining collections.

Based in the Unit 3, Balmoral Estate 113 River Road BARKING, Essex United Kingdom IG11 0EG, we are a family-owned business that has operated for 5 years.
We continue to indulge all design palettes, both locally and internationally.


Our team of textile artists, product managers, graphic designers and stylists are all rigorously devoted to designing and curating stunning colours, patterns and textures at only the highest quality – across every product.Our superb team of textile designers share an intense appetite for fashion, fabrics and patterns. We get super-excited about pushing design boundaries and experimenting with new techniques.
Our varied and extensive production skills and experience allows us to turn some of our more challenging philosophies into an exciting reality – one that is
well-documented within an extensive design library from over 5 years in the textile business.

Our inspirations stem from our base in United Kingdom, a much-admired and energetic city known for its multicultural diversity and highly celebrated art and design community.